My Brand Identity

How can I create an authentic personal identity that is thoughtful, curious and distinct?

positive and negative space logo side by side with calming blue and warming orange colour palette beneath

What are my values?

I did an in-depth brainstorm to identify what I'm all about as a designer:

  • Intelligent, well-considered design → Thoughtful
  • Insight-driven → Curious
  • Unique concepts and ideas → Distinct

S L lettering monogram logo sketches
swooping swallow bird logo sketches
nine flying hummingbird logo sketches

The Journey

Monogram → Swallow → Hummingbird

My initial monogram explorations didn’t feel right. I needed something dynamic, living and warm that people could connect to. Linking to my love of nature, I sketched some Swallow icons, one of my favourite birds. On reflection, this didn’t convey ‘distinctness’ as there are many similar-looking species. This lead me to ask: So what bird is truly distinct?

Final flying hummingbird logo with animated sparkles around it

The Breakthrough

A hummingbird fits the bill perfectly:

  • Thoughtful by design -> Specially adapted for consuming and conserving energy efficiently.
  • Distinct from other species -> Instantly recognisable. Also the world’s smallest birds, and the only ones that can fly backwards.
  • Curious -> Have a relentless energy for exploring their surroundings.

Personal Resonance

Hummingbirds also bring back fond memories of my travels in the Western U.S., where I enjoyed seeing and photographing them:

close up photograph of a female Anna's hummingbird perched on a twig
Female Anna's Hummingbird. Taken on my trip to Tucson, AZ.
Photograph of a male Costa's Hummingbird with wings open displaying it's bright purple head plumage
Male Costa's Hummingbird. Tucson, AZ.