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Firestarters 2022 submission

Focus: Brand Identity, Packaging, Tone of Voice

How can menstrual care brand Always pioneer gender inclusivity in an excessively feminised market?

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The excessive feminisation of Always' current brand perpetuates the myth that periods are solely experienced by women; excluding transgender men, non-binary people and intersex people.

I repositioned the brand and created a new line of reusable period underwear to make Always more gender inclusive and sustainable.

equals symbol
transgender symbol
Always positioning statement
The visual language embodies Always’ new positioning statement; for everyone, always.

Supporting the Full Spectrum

Always' colour spectrum acknowledges the broad spectrum of users that their products support. The ring logo mark, a symbol of eternity, is placed after the logotype to act as a period; a subtle visual reference to the word itself. 

multipack underwear packaging
Always’ aborbant period underwear comes in a range of styles and sizes

The Colour System

Grey packaging is used to indicate reusable products that cater to a heavier flow, and white indicates disposable, single-use products.

Always pad packaging
Always' new disposable pad range is fully biodegradable, with organic cotton pads and plant cellulose wrappers

Balancing Inclusivity, Sustainability and Practicality

Some non-women who menstruate prefer using disposable products to avoid direct contact with blood, so Always' old plastic-based pad range will be replaced by new biodegradable pads.

gender dysphoria quote
Heavily feminised packaging can contribute to the paralysing gender dysphoria felt by many non-women who menstruate
discreet packaging quote

Informed by Primary Insights

Speaking to non-women who menstruate helped to identify how interacting with a menstrual care brand can be made more comfortable:

  • Neutral colours not tied to femininity
  • Discreet design
  • No gendered symbolism or exclusionary language such as ‘feminine hygiene’

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The final identity stays true to Always’ compassionate brand voice, but brings the brand into the modern day through inclusive language, neutral design and gender-diverse imagery.

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