Keep Greenham Green

Major project - "Identity"

Focus: Campaign Identity, Book Illustration, Storytelling, Copywriting, Print

How can you ignite resident action against development plans which will decimate Greenham’s greenfields?

posters on wall

Keep Greenham Green is a protest campaign to inform the village community of the greenfield developments' impacts on their daily and future lives, and to ensure their voices get heard.

brick of extinction poster
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The Challenge

West Berkshire Council have greenlighted plans for thousands of houses across Greenham's greenfield sites without proper community consultation.

The risks to infrastructure, biodiversity and health have been swept under the rug, leaving many people uninformed. Residents deserve to know exactly what is at stake.

website home page
website scroll
The campaign's website uses storytelling to be emotive and persuasive. The four core objections are laid out on a gravestone, followed by the group's manifesto, which visualises a greener and brighter future for Greenham
playing field vs wild woodlands
Greenham's playing fields are no replacement for the biodiversity of it's wild woodlands and meadows

Research Insight: Managed Green Spaces ≠ Wild Green Spaces

Residents are angered that Greenham's wild spaces can be built on as long as some “green infrastructure” remains. The reality is that these remaining closely mown "green spaces" make unsuitable habitats for many species; lacking the dense vegetation required for protective cover and foraging.

grass length iconography
colour palette meanings
The extended palette is inspired by the warm green hues produced when sunlight beams through long grass

Identity System

Brand touchpoints discussing the issue use jagged shapes inspired by grass clippings. When discussing the solution, touchpoints use rounded, flowing grass forms.

full colour logo
green logo
white logo
logo symbolism
Logomark concept: Encapsulating the group’s mission and vision

The Concept: Fight for Wild Spaces

The group's name and logomark encapsulates their mission and vision for a wilder Greenham. “Keep Greenham Green” was chosen as it is catchy, memorable and emotive. By implying Greenham’s identity is at stake, it is more likely to provoke residents to fight for their wild spaces.

flag with logo icon
flyer front and back
The campaign builds credibility through it's knowledgeable tone of voice and specific local references
flyer back information
Altering the street name in recipients' addresses, e.g. "Water Lane" to "Mortar Lane", demonstrates the issue's proximity and relevance to them
storybook front and back cover
The storybook emotively communicates to parents what is at stake for the future of Greenham’s children
curled page with annotation
Subtle annotations, read by curling the page corner, use harsh facts to paint a stark picture to parents of the life Greenham's children may lead

Children’s Book: Appealling to Parents’ Emotions Through Storytelling

The book engages two audiences; illustrations help children appreciate the value of Greenham’s nature, while hard-hitting factual annotations for parents communicate what is at stake in their child’s future, persuading them to act.

book spread
The book is based on residents’ stories of Greenham’s greenfields, and preserves them before they are lost
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no2 deadly fumes poster
Posters, placed in high footfall areas, aim to provoke action by informing readers of the undeniable impacts on their day-to-day lives; including health
poster in location
The impassioned tone of voice and calls to action aim to convey urgency and build anger amongst residents

The Solution

The campaign's hard-hitting approach emphasises human impacts, informed by a key resident interview insight: Most residents don’t consider wildlife and are unaware of any other impacts the developments will have, so they don’t speak out. Keep Greenham Green's approach aims to educate and provoke widespread community action.

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