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JDO RAW 2022 submission

Focus: Brand Identity, Packaging, Social Media, Tone of Voice

How can a new disruptive skincare brand give invasive species the finger?

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Vivaceous Skincare conserves the UK's native biodiversity by repurposing felled invasive plants into all-natural extracts and fragrances for their product range.

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colour palette
Vivaceous' palette is inspired by the bold and disruptive nature of invasive plants

The Challenge

Disrupt the health and beauty market with a bold new brand with a cause. Appeal to Gen Z consumers with an appetite for the latest beauty trends.

packaging pink
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The Cause

Invasive non-native species (INNS) are the second biggest threat to biodiversity globally. In the UK, there are 194 INNS, which spread plant diseases, outcompete native species, impoverish ecosystems, and damage infrastructure. They are estimated to cost the country £2bn per year.

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The vivid design language and palette convey how Vivaceous brings vibrancy to skin and maintains the vibrancy of our ecosystem. The brand's name marries the ‘aceous’ suffix from botanical terminology with the adjective 'vivacious'.

vivaceous tub packaging
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What's Trending?

Vivaceous' conservation link is inspired by the idea of nourishing our skin as a vital part of nourishing our body's ecosystem. The brand also taps into the growing appetite for wild-foraged ingredients, naturally glowing skin, and beauty with a conscience.

vivaceous billboard
invasive plant species
The four problematic plant species repurposed in Vivaceous products
vivaceous partner brands

Get Out, and Stay Out!

Vivaceous partners with UK organisations such as Network Rail and The National Trust to remove invasive and damaging plants. This is mutually beneficial; harvesting flowering plants can prevent seeding and spreading, and the plant’s natural properties are used for good.

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