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User-Centered Wellbeing Toolkit

Focus: User-Centered Design, Illustration, Packaging, Print, Tone of Voice

How can a proudly low-tech wellbeing toolkit improve our daily lives?

toolkit box
The Flourish toolkit includes a wellbeing calendar, wellbeing reminder cards, a handy guide to wellbeing and wellness tools such as aromatherapy

The Flourish wellbeing toolkit helps users boost their mental and physical wellbeing. Over 100 days, it guides users to establish healthy habits and a solid routine, ensuring they feel connected, active and empowered.

flourish colour palette
flourish logo
flourish calendar front and back
The heart of the toolkit is Flourish's habit-forming wellbeing calendar

The Challenge

Increased screen time is associated with higher levels of stress and anxiety, so are digital wellbeing apps really the way to go?

fact file of my target user, Jess
the calendar's wellbeing goals'
wellbeing reminder cards
A range of portable wellbeing reminder cards prompt users to create their own positive affirmations
flourish calendar front
open flourish calendar
Flourish's wellbeing calendar includes colour-coded adhesive dots which users stick up based on their wellness level

The calendar contains short daily wellbeing activities which focus on forming positive habits and healthy coping strategies:

  • Physical activity
  • Self esteem and gratitude
  • Keeping connected with friends & family
  • Productivity
  • Mindfulness
fact file of my target user, Jess
the calendar's wellbeing goals'
flourish colour palette
landscape sketches
Some of my first landscape concept sketches

The Concept

Similarly to how water is the lifeblood of our planet's ecosystem, our wellbeing is the lifeblood of our body's ecosystem.

The user’s personal growth is mirrored in the calendar's flourishing landscapes, which get progressively brighter and more lush as they complete their journey to wellbeing.

fact file of my target user, Jess
Flourish's target user profile
the calendar's wellbeing goals'
Wellbeing goals Flourish can help users like Jess achieve

Supporting the User

I identified my target user group as young people, like Jess, with anxious persuasions and a preference for introversion. Flourish's structured goals, reassurance and rewards help users integrate beneficial activities into their routines.

small boxes of wellbeing tools
Flourish's wellness tools include earplugs, aromatherapy and calming herbal tea bags
fold-out leaflet
Flourish: The Handy Guide features useful information and wellbeing tips
affirmation stickers with encouraging words
Flourish’s tone of voice is gentle and encouraging, like a close friend.
fact file of my target user, Jess
the calendar's wellbeing goals'