Our Museum Hero Image

Our Museum

Winner - Live brief with Poole Museum

Focus: Brand Identity, Positioning, Tone of Voice

Team: Project completed with Rosie Dadswell, Abbie Coughlin & Kiran Kerai

My Role: Team lead. Concept, logo, colour and identity, copywriting, signage, poster design, Facebook header

How can you remould a museum to captivate younger, more diverse audiences?

our museum black white and orange logo

A vibrant, memorable and conceptual identity to inspire more diverse audiences to dive in to Poole Museum's Our Museum project.

The Rollout

The identity has been fully adopted by the Our Museum project, and was chosen from 20 other proposals for its "strong aesthetic and conceptual basis".

our museum black white and orange logo
our museum gif
our museum colour palette and maritime flags
Our Museum's colour palette is inspired by maritime signal flags, a nod to Poole's harbour and nautical links
three banner designs
Banner designs give an insight into the museum's vibrant and creative community

The Challenge:

Poole Museum’s audience has doubled since 2007, but less than 7% of visitors are under 30. Our Museum aims to be a dynamic community hub to inspire and welcome the fresh perspectives of families, young people and creatives.

red tote bag with slogan
Clever slogans reference the museum's philosophy of 'living history'
patterned face mask
Patterned merchandise visuals: Rosie Dadswell
patterned phone case
our museum brand proposition
We summarised Our Museum's mission into a succinct brand proposition.

The Concept

After delving into the museum’s archives, we uncovered Poole’s historical role in the global clay industry.

Clay is a powerful metaphor for Our Museum; it’s tangible, adaptable, with endless potential and uses to many kinds of people. It reminds us that history isn’t static or rigid, but something ever-changing.

logo icon
logo sketches
I sketched moulded, flexible shape logos informed by the museum's values; dynamism, collaboration and community
final logo sketch
The form's resemblance to a dynamic human figure resonated with Poole Museum’s belief that “people make history”

Remoulding an identity

The final mark evokes the energy of the Our Museum project. It is abstract and open to individual interpretation, reflecting the multitude of different perspectives around history.

two posters
logo being deconstructed
We created Our Museum's bold pattern by deconstructing the logo
our museum pattern
coffee cup design with pattern
pin badge with our museum logo
Merchandise and pattern visuals: Rosie Dadswell
tote bag with logo

The Solution

We crafted a bold, contemporary identity and energised the tone of voice to capture the attention of younger audiences.

single banner design

“This has helped us refine our own understanding of the project, and see what resonates with young creatives”

- Alex Reynolds, Collections & Engagement Officer, Poole Museum

website home page
facebook page
Website: Abbie Coughlin, Facebook identity designed in collaboration
our museum logo next to poole museum logo

“The logo works really well with Poole Museum's current branding while feeling welcoming and inclusive. The team really managed to understand the brief and get under the skin of the Our Museum project”.

- Michael Spender, Arts Director, Poole Museum

bus shelter advertisement