Creative Futures

Focus: Motion Design, Copywriting

Team: Project completed with Laura Nguyen & Zoe Ratcliffe

My Role: Concept, scriptwriting, colour and visual style, character illustration, animated textures and cube.
Segments produced: 0:24-0:37 / 0:38-0:44 / 0:54-end

How can you convince skeptics that arts education provides future-proof skills in a working world threatened by AI?

The Creative Futures campaign serves an eye-opening realisation to school teachers and parents who are skeptical about the value of the Arts: Tomorrow's working world depends on creativity.

cube inside woman's head'

The Challenge

Many respected white collar jobs face elimination within the next 15 years due to the implementation of AI and automation. Thus, having creative and soft skills will be vital. By highlighting the potential for future shortages of these skills, the campaign challenges the pressures students face to abandon creative subjects for academia.

dynamic paper grain texture
dynamic scrunched paper texture
I created looping textural animations from paper and marks made with chalk, paint and marker pen.
dynamic art textures

Handmade Textures

The array of pulsing colours and textures showcase the vibrancy, dynamism and unbounded possibilities of the UK's arts industry.

squiggle loop animation test
orbit animation test
Initial test of dynamic textures on our cube
improved pie chart animation
Bringing our pie chart to life using anticipation
Brush stroke
Cross Out

The Soundscape

Using art tools, I created textural sounds to further enrich our animation. These added extra emphasis to our motion sequences.

headteacher's misconceptions'
Headteachers' concerns
parent's misconceptions'
Parents' concerns

Tackling Misconceptions

In rich discussions with students and artists, parents and school staff were frequently cited as sources of misconceptions and discouragement around pursuing the Arts. We identified the concerns that fuel these misconceptions, and addressed them with logic and reason in the Creative Futures campaign.

orbit animation test
Initial orbit animation test using mattes in After Effects
cube spin with dynamic art textures
Particle effects and starburst test
3 cubes